Top 5 Coolest RC Cars EVER

RC Cars have been on the market for years and have remained the choice toy for children and adults alike.

Almost everyone can relate to a moment in their life that they got to watch or play with a remote controlled vehicle. With all of the new technology introduced into these vehicles we now have some of the coolest and baddest RC cars to ever be on the market.

The performance that these cars are able to produce due to the advancement in robotics and frequency allocation has created a means of entertainment for not just kids but adults as well. RC cars have been becoming more popular because you can buy a cheaper RC toy for your child and then build a hobby grade racing RC car for yourself.

So when shopping for an RC car, it is worth understanding which cars are the most suitable for what you would like to do.

Coolest RC Cars for Kids

RC cars have always been classified as a higher-end toy for kids – I think traditionally these were designed for kids only. They hold an important spot in many kids’ hearts and with technological advances, they are just getting better and better.

Kid Friendly RC Cars

There are so many designs for an RC car that I feel every kid needs to experience what it’s like playing with the coolest RC cars in their category.

Generally RC cars made for kids do not have very impressive specifications. Although this does not stop manufacturers from designing and releasing cool cars and trucks. While you can pick up a $10 car from the local store, not all RC cars that are marketed to children are cheap. I highly advise not using price points as the deciding factor for how cool an RC car really is.

So what makes an RC car cool?

One of the most important aspects is maneuverability and control – how well does it move and how easy is it to get it to move that way?

If the car reacts promptly to your input and it doesn’t take too long to learn the controls, you have a winner. The second point is the design – how cool does it look? If you have an RC car that is fun to drive but looks bad, kids won’t think it’s cool at all.

One thing that kids won’t necessarily think about is how well it uses power and how long you can play for. If you have a cool design that only lasts for 5 minutes, this just isn’t worth the money. Kids want to be able to turn it on and go; not play for 5 minutes and charge the battery for 4 hours.

So with that said, we need to find cars that look great, perform well, and can hold up to some abuse and play time.

Coolest RC Cars for Hobbyists

RC cars have been increasing in popularity over the years. With fancy rock crawlers, boats, and more notably the drones, the trend for indoor and outdoor activities have been growing rapidly.

RC Race Track

The great thing about the growth in hobbyist vehicles is they all started by using a more kid-friendly counterpart first. They grew up with a passion for RC cars and they want to indulge in controlling a vehicle of their choice.

In general, the coolest RC cars are highly priced, highly customization, and highly awesome. This category of cars come with a hefty price tag and involved sophisticated components. Jumping into this category as a newbie is not advised due to the sheer cost of entering.

Top Five Coolest RC Cars Ever

Lets check out some of the coolest RC cars to ever make it to market.

1.) Axial Racing AX90022 Honcho

Axial Racing AX90022 Honcho

This Axial Racing truck is a top of the line and one of the coolest RC trucks on the market. It is a real monster of a vehicle and is great if you are looking for an outdoor vehicle.

Axial Racing AX90022 Honcho

Note: Due to small parts, this isn’t an ideal vehicle for kids ages 3 and below.

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2.) Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

Another cool RC car – the Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy is an outdoor car and performs as great as it looks. The unique design boasts a great suspension, a powerful engine, and a solid transmission.

Redcat Racing Shockwave Nitro Buggy

This nitro buggy is great for kids due to maneuverability but also performs well for adults to get into the RC car hobby.

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3.) Traxxas 7407

Traxxas 7047

Coming from one of the leading manufacturers in the RC world, this model is one of the most costly. The Traxxas 7407 is the definition of speed and one of the coolest RC rally cars.

Traxxas 7047

The design of the car is sporty and the sophistication of the parts makes this car amazing for the hobbyist.

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4.) Traxxas 70054-1

Traxxas 70054-1

Another classic from Traxxas, this electric ready to race truck will dominate on short course racing.

This truck is full of fun and excels in an outdoor environment.

Traxxas 70054-1

Note: This RC truck is recommended only for people above the age of 16.

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5.) Traxxas 56087 E-Revo Brushless 4WD

Traxxas 56087 E-Revo Brushless 4WD

This ready to race truck is durable and built for winning. This truck is equipped with the NEW Traxxas Qi 2.4GHz radio system w/ Traxxas Link Wireless Module which means you’re getting the best of the best in technology.

Capable of a 65+mph speed with the optional 3S LiPo cells, this truck has power for days.

Traxxas 56087 E-Revo Brushless 4WD

This RC truck is very customizable and you can upgrade almost every part to suit your needs.

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Regardless if you want to get a cheaper toy drone, get a decent helicopter, or get a ready to race truck, RC vehicles are fun.

If you do not have the budget to run hobbyist level RC cars, don’t fret – there’s something here for everyone.

As a matter of fact check out this article that shows you the top 5 RC cars under $50.

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