Building an RC Car Kit is Easy

RC cars stand for remote controlled cars and they come in many different types and models.

Since there are so many different types of RC cars such as an electric car or a nitrous powered car or truck, the scope of this article is going to be focused on electric kit cars.

Electric kit cars come in a variety of forms from instructions on how to build your own out of every day materials or they can provide all of the parts and instructions to build a fully functioning car.

Making your own RC car is from every day materials is challenging and rewarding, but buying a full kit to build is also very fun. Depending on your level of mechanical ability, you can part out other electric rc cars and build your own model.

Electric kit cars will use different materials than nitro kit cars but use the same general principles. They need a chassis, a motor, a way to power motors and a way to communicate with a remote control.

Building your own RC car is a project that is very fun as it enables you to create a replica of your favorite car and at the same time it allows you to add extra electronics to it to make it more unique and sassy.

You can also customize your car according to your specifications.

You do not have to look very far as it is always possible to build an RC car from the materials that are near you and those that are cheap too.

After all, your main focus is to cut down on production costs and increase your fun factor.

When you want to build yourself a common RC car from available materials, the following guidelines might be of help.

Some of the common materials that you need to have for the construction include things such as a motor, especially if you want to build an electric type, a RC receiver, battery and transmitter, four syringes with their caps, a throttle switch, one zip tie, a vacuum belt and two servos.

While this won’t yield the vehicles you see up on YouTube, you can have a lot of fun from building something out of common materials.

Now that you have all the necessary materials, you can begin construction of your RC car.

Proceed as follows in the ordered steps.

1.) Open the electric drill

In this step, all you have to do is to remove the pack of the batteries from the drill and then unscrew the bolts.

Be careful when opening the drill, there could be residual power in the motor. Use caution.

2.) Remove the motor and the gadget for speed control

Take your electric drill and divide it into two equal parts. After that, remove the motor and the throttle switch parts from their casings respectively.

Again, use caution.

3.) Make the chassis of your RC car

After you’ve gathered the materials from your drill, make a simple design for the chassis of your car.

Using a cheap and easy material such as construction paper or cardboard to design your chassis will save you time and resources in the long run.

Using PVC, popsicle sticks, abs plastic, or scrap wood works best.

4.) Make the suspension for your RC car

This can be achieved by making swing arms at the upper and the lower parts of your RC wheel, always making sure that they are free to move.

After that, you need to make sure that the arms do not interfere with your chassis or that they hang on the ground.

After testing and making sure that everything is fine, you can then make a strut with the syringes together with their struts.

5.) Place the syringe handle to the chassis

Starting from one wheel to the last, you then make a notch for the syringe cap so that it is in position with the lower swing arm.

6.) Make the throttle system

The throttle switch can be made by getting rid of the inner spring then replacing it with the outer one.

A pin can be used to ensure that the outer spring is kept in place at all times.

After that, a hole is drilled right inside the button, throttle and finally through the finish line.

The ends of the finishing line are then tied to the servo for firm gripping.

7.) Make the drive system

In this stage, make good use of the axles.

Pass the axles through your chassis and use the vacuum belt to tie it to the chassis of your car.

The motor is then mounted onto the chassis.

8.) Make the steering system

This is the final step where the steering servo is made and then connected to the chassis.

After this step you will have your finished product.

9.) The radio control system

Once you’ve mounted the receiver and a battery pack to the chassis, ensure that you connect the steering and throttle servos to the receiver.

The radio control system is the transmitter which is used to send signals to the car.

This contains joysticks with various control commands to the built-in receiver of the RC car.

The controls include; throttle, braking, steering and engaging forward or reverse gears.

With the finished product, you can go ahead and take the RC controller out for some testing.

Use the radio control to navigate through the various commands and enjoy a good time running the car.


With all the parts assembled together, you could go ahead and try to modify the car as you wish.

You could add some RC electric materials to make it faster and a cooler engine or use batteries that would last longer and wouldn’t need to be charged so frequently.

The advantage of making your own remote controlled car is that can design it according to your taste and preference.

Finishing the project is even a more accomplishing achievement and you will be proud of your hard work.

Clearly, building your own RC car from a kit is as easy as ABC.

As long as you have the necessary requirements, a manual procedure to follow and a passion towards cars, it wouldn’t get any easier.

Different car models have different kits but most of the parts needed to be assembled are similar with perhaps a little diversification.

Building your own RC car is a fun project and in addition to that a great learning experience, especially for those just starting up.

If you are not quite up to the challenge of making your own home-made RC car, check out this fun and affordable kit:

This kit allows you to build a truck that performs and gives you the ability to modify and change it up so that you can make it yours.

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